Zendo Etiquette and Use Policy

The Dharma Sangha Boulder zendo (meditation room) is dedicated to the purpose of zen practice: zazen (silent, seated meditation), walking meditation, dharma talks or discussions led by leaders in our sangha or invited teachers, and our other group practice events. We do not rent the space to other groups. The room is locked except during the formal practice events indicated on our schedule, as well as occasional events not listed on the schedule.

Please try to arrive at the zendo at least five minutes prior to the start of a practice session, so you can find a seat and settle in before the formal start time. In general, in our practice lineage, people do not enter or leave the zendo once a period of meditation has begun. If you arrive at the zendo and notice that the robe chant or incense offering has begun, please wait outside until it is over and then quietly enter and take a seat.

Guests of the Briar Rose Bed & Breakfast are free to use the room for meditation practice during their stay. Practitioners in the Dharma Sangha may also use the room for personal practice at times outside the formal schedule, with prior approval. Please make sure the door is locked when you leave. One does not need to have a membership in the group in order to use the room in this way, but we do request that people who would like to use the room for their personal practice establish a relationship with the Sangha. New practitioners are encouraged to come to a zendo orientation, which is available every Saturday morning at 8:40 a.m., and/or to one of the Zen Beginnings programs that take place approximately once a month (usually on Sunday mornings). Information about the next Zen Beginnings is regularly available in our monthly email newsletter and on our events page.

If you have questions about the zendo use policy or how to access the room when it is locked, please contact DSB Administrative Director Matt Zepelin (matthew.zepelin@gmail.com) or Practice Leader Gary Hardin (hardin108@gmail.com).