Remembering Genro Reynold Bean

On September 8, 2020, our great friend and fellow Zen practitioner Genro Reynold Bean died unexpectedly yet peacefully in his room at the Boulder Zen Center. Hew was 85 years old. Reynold had lived at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center for 9 years before recently moving to Boulder. 

Reynold received lay ordination in 2013 by Dojun Dan Welch Roshi.

It was a joy to live and practice with him. We will miss his charming personality, big heart, and straightforward honesty.

On Sunday, September 13, 2020, we said a final goodbye to Genro Reynold Bean in an intimate and powerful open-air cremation ceremony. The Buddhist portion of the ceremony culminating in the lighting of the pyre was led by Zenki Roshi and the residents of the Boulder Zen Center.

In the prescence of the fire, anyone was invited to speak about Reynold’s life and their relationship to him. Those who spoke included his daughter Malina who read the last word Reynold had composed for the occasion and his son Hamilton who recited Reynold’s poem, “Adventure.” 

A heartfelt thank you to the volunteers of the Crestone End of Life who 12 years ago created the possibility of open-air cremations in Crestone and lovingly cared for what was a seamless and beautiful event. 

With a deep bow to the life and death of dear Reynold Bean,

The BZC Community