New racism awareness group now forming

Please read below for details, and email Laurie Nusbaum ( with any questions. This practice-study group is intended for people who have an existing relationship to the Boulder Zen Center.

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Boulder Zen Center hosted the first iteration a “White Awake” study group this fall. We, met six times over twelve weeks, with the intention to look deeply at the issue of race, both as it exists in the world and as it relates to practice. This post is to let everyone know about the second study group of this kind that BZC will be hosting. This group provides a safe environment in which we can work toward a deeper understanding of our relationship to race and racism, so that we can support needed societal change from a place of awareness, honesty, and clarity.

We will be guided primarily by the curriculum that has been established by the nonprofit organization “White Awake,” an offshoot of the Insight Meditation Society ( To borrow from their website: “Alongside externally focused social engagement—activism, civil disobedience, electoral politics, solidarity organizing, and all other ways we are called to meet the pressing demands of our time—each of us is tasked with the work of untangling truth from lies, uncovering hidden stories, and purifying our hearts. It is this work of education, spiritual healing, and building culture that White Awake is designed to support as part of a larger, integrated movement for healthy social change.”

The group will meet beginning in late January or early February and will be co-facilitated by Matt Zepelin, Amy Robertson, and Laurie Nusbaum. It will meet monthly, nine times over a nine month period. Each session will begin with a short meditation, followed by dialogue based on resources made available by White Awake. We will meet on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons – we will consult with those who express interest to determine which dates and times would work best for the most people.

We will ask for a commitment from each participant to attend at least seven of the nine sessions, and to do a brief homework assignment, in most cases reading an article, watching a video, or listening to a talk, in preparation for each session.

With this, we invite those who feel drawn to be in this group and who feel they can make the commitment to let us know of your interest by email. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the website, so that you have a good understanding of what the Study Group entails. Please let us know of your interest by emailing Laurie (

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