Online Library

Dharma Sangha Boulder Online Library

The Dharma Sangha Boulder library collection is available to all dues-paying members. To learn about membership, please visit our Membership page.

Thanks to Daniel, we now have a Boulder Zen Center library housed off-site. The catalog is available to members online. Members can search through our catalog and place holds on books they would like to check-out. Ordered books will then be placed in a special box (a labeled, black walnut box near the fireplace in the living room) at the Briar Rose for the Sangha member to pick-up. When finished, books can be dropped off into the same box, where they will be picked-up and re-stocked with our collection.

Detailed instructions on how to reserve, check-out, or return a book are available as a PDF:

Brief borrowing instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. If this is your first time, type in your email address to request a password.
  3. Login using your password. (If it’s your first login, you’ll have to change it.)
  4. Click on the cover image of any book to open a page for that book.
  5. To check out a book, or to request a hold on a book that is checked out, click on the Add Hold button under the book cover image. That book will be added to your “hold queue” at the bottom of the website (regardless of what page you are on). You can continue to browse books and place more on hold, if desired.
  6. When you are ready, there is a “Complete” tab at the top right of the hold queue. Libib will then ask for your user name and password again to complete the hold.
  7. When a book you have on hold becomes available, Daniel will drop it off in the BZC Library pick-up/return box at the Rose, a labeled, black walnut box near the fireplace in the living room.