Online Inaugural Weekend Sitting: August 29-30

A Note from Zenki Christian Dillo:

Dear Boulder Zen Center Sangha,
As announced about a month ago, together with Gil Detchon, Reynold Bean, Bryant Colie, Kevin Miller and my wife Sophie, I have now made the transition from Crestone to the Boulder Zen Center. The six of us rented a big moving truck and arrived with many boxes on August 15th. Since then we’ve been unpacking, organizing, and adjusting the space to the new use—an urban residential Zen Practice Center in the heart of Boulder.
The Bed & Breakfast, which has supported us for 16 years, is now officially closed. On behalf of the whole Sangha, I want to express my deep gratitude to Ryokan Gary Hardin for leading this effort and for his generous support in this transition.
The new residential Sangha has started daily Zazen in the physical Zendo, while some of you have continued sitting together in the BZC Zoom Zendo.
Soon we want to merge the two and offer a morning and evening schedule with the same times you are used to—but now on a daily basis. This will provide more opportunities for sitting together, which you can make use of as your schedule permits. Zazen and Service (bowing and chanting practice) will be live streamed from the Boulder Zen Center Zendo. 

To start this new schedule and to mark the transition, we will offer an Inaugural Weekend Sitting from August 29-30. Everyone is invited on a donation basis. You can join the whole weekend, which will include a Saturday morning dharma talk, or you can select individual periods. Please click here to view the full schedule.

There will not be a dharma talk this Saturday (August 22).

Please stay tuned and visit our slightly modified and slowly evolving website to stay up to date with the development of our program calendar.
I look forward to practicing with all of you.
In the dharma,