Everyday Zen Practice-Discussion Group

The 2019-2020 cycle of Dharma Weekends is now complete. Information on the next cycle of events will be posted here and on the Dharma Weekends page when it is ready.


Anyone is welcome to attend this monthly practice-discussion group, which is led by Zenki Dillo Roshi and takes place from 2:00-4:00 p.m. on that month’s Dharma Weekend. Each month, a volunteer facilitator presents a practice topic that is alive in their practice. After a “circle” in which each person present gives their response to the topic, we engage in open conversation, then close with another circle. Although the Everyday Zen group is a stand-alone event, those who choose to come for Zazen and Zenki Roshi’s Dharma Talk on Saturday morning can turn the day into an extended day of practice.

Suggested donation: $10-$50