Sangha Work-Practice Day: Saturday, June 2nd

Working together is an important aspect of Zen practice. These work days bring us together as a sangha. They are also supportive for those of us who are committed to keeping up the daily practice schedule.

It is wonderful to share the full day of practice together, for those who are able to stay through the entire schedule. That said, we also welcome participation for any part of the day.

Please RSVP to Matt if you plan to come for any part of the day, to help in planning projects: Matthew.zepelin ‘at’

The schedule is as follows:

9:00 zazen
9:40 kinhin
9:50 lecture
10:30 work meeting
10:45 formal (silent) work practice
12:15 cleanup
12:30 brown-bag lunch on the lawn
1:15 informal work
2:45 end work / cleanup
3:00 zazen
3:30 optional tea and practice discussion
For questions, please call Matt at 303-895-5278