Mindfulness with Horses, Sunday, November 5th

Experience Zazen and mindfulness practices led by Sangha member Seijo Jean-Jacques Joris at Twin Oaks Farm, from 2:00-4:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 5th. The event will begin with a 45-minute period of Zazen in the property’s meditation hall, followed by several mindfulness exercises involving the horses and other animals on this beautiful therapy and training farm. The event will run till approximately 4:30. There is no fee but donations will be accepted. RSVP to Jean-Jacques at jeanjacquesjoris@gmail.com so we can collect a head-count, and also feel free to contact him with questions.

Why mindfulness with horses? “Put simply, horses read and react to the conscious and unconscious signals that we send. For this reason, interaction with horses may allow us to develop awareness of our unconscious communication with the outside world – unconscious messages that we constantly send, which shape our environment’s response to us.”

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