Leadership Councils

Dharma Sangha Boulder is overseen by two leadership councils, both of which work in conjunction with Zentatsu Baker Roshi and Zenki Dillo Roshi. The Practice Council is composed of 4-6 long-term practitioners and meets on a monthly basis to discuss the Center’s ongoing schedule, special events and programs, and practice-related issues. The Board of Directors also meets monthly to oversee the Center’s financial and legal affairs. Feel free to contact members of either body if you have questions or concerns.

BZC Practice Council Members:

Gary Hardin – gary@boulderzen.org, 303.579.6272

Matt Zepelin – matthew.zepelin@gmail.com, 303.895.5278

Russell Smith – russell[dot]smith108[at]gmail[dot]com

Amy Robertson – amy.robertson@comcast.net, 720.470.2230

Nikki Dunas – nikkizenlife@gmail.com

Zenki Christian Dillo Roshi


BZC Board Members:

Voting members:

Donald Dodge (President) – drdodge@jaspervet.com, 303.947.5270

Steve Crisman – crisman@mindspring.com

Marilyn Krill – marilynkrill@gmail.com, 970.596.2722

Jeff Sorkin – jeffsorkin@yahoo.com

Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

Nonvoting members:

Gary Hardin – gary@boulderzen.org

Matt Zepelin – matthew.zepelin@gmail.com

Zenki Christian Dillo Roshi