Do you live near Lafayette or pass by there from time to time? An older gentleman and longtime Zen practitioner named Sid, who lives at a nursing facility in Lafayette, has requested visitors from our Sangha to come and meditate with him. Two of us have been doing so for several months, and he deeply appreciates the support for his practice. Sid is totally lucid and meditates every day but is confined to a wheelchair and cannot leave the facility due to physical problems. Visits can be regular or irregular and can be arranged with Sid directly via email.

If you’d like to learn more and perhaps visit Sid, please contact Matt Zepelin:

Ejo Matt Zepelin, a longtime practitioner and student in the Dharma Sangha, will offer an informal introduction to Zen practice at 9:00 a.m., at the Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast, 2151 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder. Just come in the front door and ask any of the Briar Rose staff to help you find the zendo (meditation room).

Registration is not required, but if possible, please email Matt in advance to let him know you’ll be coming:
The session will lats until 10:30 or 11:00 a.m., depending on the group, and how many questions people bring. This event will provide an introduction to Zen practice and its forms, and provide plenty fo opportunity for discussion and questions. The event is free and open to everyone; donations to the Boulder Zen Center will be accepted. Please contact Matt via email if you have questions.

In 2019 Dharma Sangha Boulder will host its third annual Winter Practice Program (WPP), beginning in mid-February (opening ceremony is Sunday, February 10th from 9:00 a.m. till approximately noon) and ending Sunday, April 21st.

The program is an opportunity for people to voluntarily intensify their practice for a period of ten weeks, with support from Dharma teaching and fellow practitioners. The program is guided by Zenki Dillo Roshi, and in 2019 our local Practice Leader will be Sei Ren Laurie Nusbaum.

Practitioners who have attended a previous WPP are welcome to join, but please note that the requirements for the program are different than the previous two years. To register, please contact Laurie (laurie.nusbaum ‘at’; 720-244-0532). For those who have not done the program before, please contact Laurie to do a check-in about the program and see if it sounds like a good fit for your practice at this time.

Components of the 2019 Winter Practice Program (WPP):

  • Attendance: All WPP participants will be expected to attend the Opening Ceremony (Sunday, Feb. 10), Practice Leader Dharma talks on Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 24th, at least one individual or group meeting with the Practice Leader (dates TBD – different days/times will be offered to accommodate people’s schedules), Zenki Roshi’s Chautauqua seminar (March 8-10 or 9-10), and the Closing Ceremony (April 21). If someone can’t attend any of these events due to family or work obligations, or illness, they are expected to let the Practice Leader know as soon as possible ahead of time.
  • Personal Practice Commitment: A voluntary personal commitment to intensify one’s practice in some way (e.g. sitting Zazen more frequently; taking on a practice obligation at the Boulder Zen Center, such as being Zendo Opener once a week; committing to practice with the group once each week; traveling to Crestone for a monk week or Sesshin; any commitment one feels will be pertinent to deepening one’s Zen practice).
  • Practice Buddy: Weekly communication with a “practice buddy”—someone else from the program, assigned at the opening ceremony. We encourage the communications to be in-person or on the phone, and to be structured exchanges where each person has the chance to share how their experience with their practice commitment is going. (More suggestions for the buddy system will be offered for those who join the program.)
  • Dharma talks by Zenki Dillo Roshi and Sei Ren Laurie Nusbaum will be recorded and made available to program participants.
  • A complete list of practice events offered through Dharma Sangha Boulder and the Crestone Mountain Zen Center during the time of the WPP will be made available to program registrants to help structure their commitments.